What Our Clients Are Saying

"Ben was compassionate and knowledgeable in a very stressful and confusing time in my life. He provided a steady hand guiding me through a complex and difficult divorce."

C.H., Flagstaff, AZ

"Ben has assisted in my divorce and family proceedings for about 4.5 years. While the experience itself has not been very pleasant, the legal counsel Ben has provided has been excellent, and eased the stresses and unknowns about it. The law is complicated and Ben has always advised me correctly and in the best interest of my children. I would not step into court without him."

J.M., Sedona, AZ

"Ben was very helpful through the process of protecting my Son's rights, and my rights, during a custody case. I felt that Ben was always sincere and gave his very best effort toward my case. Ben helped me win my case in spite of an opposing "professional" witness that lied in court, and an opposing attorney that was a bag of lies. Ben was helpful in exposing the opposing witness's incompetence, undermining her testimony. The overall experience was one of the most stressful I've experienced but Ben was reassuring, and competent throughout the process."

E.B., Flagstaff, AZ

"Ben is an excellent attorney. My divorce was extremely complicated and messy. Throughout the entire process Ben was entirely professional and gave wise, well thought out counsel. He never used name calling or other childish tactics commonly used by other family law attorneys; tactics used to antagonize the opposing spouse and unnecessarily draw out the proceedings and the expense.

Since my association with Ben ultimately reflects on me, I'm proud of the fact his conduct retained my dignity and he was completely fair in his financial dealings with me. Ben's professional conduct and superb legal expertise ultimately resolved my divorce in a fair and equitable settlement, which I believe wouldn't have happened if I had retained a different attorney."

W.R., Flagstaff, AZ

"Ben was very patient. He had a way of drawing important details out of what would seem like "pointless" information. I appreciated his professionalism. The manner in which he makes one at ease during a stressful time of life was essential for me. I also appreciated the confidences that he had kept."

S.S., Camp Verde, AZ

"Ben is a wonderful and caring attorney. He has represented me twice. The first time was for custodial interference. The second time was having the dad of my younger two children sign over his rights. Both cases ended in my favor. Ben always took the time to listen to my case and never made me feel like what I wanted the outcome to be or my opinion didn't matter. He made sure that I was updated with any new information and always responded to any questions I had quickly. If I ever need an attorney again I would not hesitate to retain him again."

J.J., Phoenix, AZ

"Ben made me feel safe in a very difficult time. He helped me make logical decisions when my mind had lost all logic. I had a link to someone that would help me get through my divorce. My phone calls and questions were answered in a timely matter. Ben helped me through this difficult time by guiding me to make wise decisions for my future when I could not see a future.

When my divorce was final I was told that I no longer had any legal or moral obligation to my ex. That was a lot off my mind, heart and spirit. I was then ready to move forward and rebuild my life."

H.S., Flagstaff, AZ

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