Arizona Divorce Attorney

There are many issues to consider when dividing two lives — division of property, child custody disputes, support obligations. At Deguire Law Offices, we have helped families throughout northern and central Arizona settle disputes, achieve fair property settlements, and move forward with their lives.

Flagstaff-Based Divorce Lawyer Deals With Complex Property Division

Divorce can be tricky, and property decisions are final. If you don’t have an experienced attorney fighting for a fair division of your marital assets, you may lose out. We thoroughly investigate our clients’ financial situations, making sure every asset is accounted for.

Our firm can successfully address both relatively straightforward and complex issues raised by divorce, including property classification, discovery of assets, division of financial assets — such as retirement accounts, stocks and investment portfolios — and business valuation.

Coconino County Child Custody Lawyer

Money comes and goes, but time lost with a child is lost forever. We know the factors courts evaluate when making custody determinations, and we take the time to understand your family dynamics. We use this information to develop strong legal arguments, tailored to your situation, so you don’t lose precious time with your child.

Preserve your right to make legal decisions regarding how your child is raised.

While one parent may have primary physical custody of a child and the other parent parenting time, more often both parents have legal decision-making authority. Legal decision-making means the parents have the right to make decisions regarding the religion, education and health care of their child.

Mediation May Provide An Effective Alternative To Resolving Your Divorce

Divorce is often emotionally and financially draining. Mediation is a way of resolving disputes in a more efficient, economical manner. Traditionally, a judge decides what is best for your family. Mediation keeps the power in your hands while avoiding the emotional strain, and economic costs, associated with court.

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